682. Enjalbert Photo Revolver de Poche

the camera was designed by Albert Posso (1854-1932) for the French company Enjalbert in the late 19th-century. It is thought that only 14 of these were made with fewer than six surviving examples on record, most of those being in museums in the USA, Europe and Asia. Albert Posso, was a French Alsacian who worked as a gunsmith in Paris during the siege of 1870-71.When Alsace was lost to the Germans shortly afterwards he became a German national completing his military service as senior gunsmith. On his return to France in 1877 Posso was employed by the French photographic firm Enjalbert expressly to design a camera which looked like a gun. Enjalbert had no experience of gun production and it was almost certain that Posso's design skills earned him the job. The camera's appearance owes everything to his skill and expertise which led to the production of one of the most effective and iconic disguised cameras. It is also one of the first handheld cameras in photographic history. The cylinder contains a magazine mechanism for 10 plates each 16x16mm. This highly desirable camera is in 100% original condition.

Sale No 16809
Condition B-
Serial No. 9
Year c.1883

Auction closed!
7 June 2008

Hammer price (Incl. buyer's premium)7.00 €8.00 €9.00 € € 57.00010.00 €11.00 €12.00 €13.00 €14.00 €

Estimate € 80000-100000

Camera Auction 13 - June 2008,



Buyer's Premium 20%

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