91. Leica KE-7A + Elcan 2/66mm outfit

very rare black KE-7A in good and perfect working condition, produced for the US Army with contract numbers engraved on back of top cover, with standard Elcan 2/50mm no.276-0121 (very good optics, with special C42-LS.39F hood), extremely rare Elcan 2/66mm no.283-0028 (cond. B, military contract number 'VH6760-168-3240', very good optics with only tiny marks on front element), Summicron 2/35mm no.2317274 (no special markings, near mint, caps), Elmarit 2.8/135mm no.2325974 (special sticker removed from hood, caps), incl. original outfit case (military plaque removed) and Leitz NY military ever-ready case

Sale No 37463
Condition B/A
Serial No. 1294682
Year 1972

Auction closed!
8 June 2019 11:00

Hammer price (Incl. buyer's premium)2.00 €3.00 €4.00 € € 102.00011.00 €12.00 €

Estimate € 80000-100000


€ 95.0002019-07-02 16:10
€ 90.0002019-06-07 13:22
€ 45.0002019-06-07 15:53
€ 40.000 Start price

34th Leitz Photographica Auction - June 2019,



Buyer's Premium 20%

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